Happy new rear!


There are multiple reasons why every woman (and man) should work their butt "on" rather than โ€œoff." The question is, how to do it? 

You could take the kitchen-sink approach using all types of free weights and all of the machines, but it doesn't have to be that complicated โ€” the kettlebell is ideally suited to building strength where the sun don't shine, and doing it efficiently.

Choices Fitness Studio incorporates a glute-intensive mini-circuit in daily workouts, focusing on the kettlebell and functional cable machine. 

So why do you need strong glutes? They are the centerpiece of your body in more ways than one. Strength radiates out from them, supporting both your upper and lower body. The weaker the glutes, the greater the chances of injuring your back, knees, hamstrings and groin muscles.

Back pain in particular often results from having weak glutes that aren't capable of doing much more than hang there. 

When your glutes are weak and you don't know how to lift properly, your back has to chip in. That may not lead to you being in pain right away, but over the course of months or years, it probably will.

But your reward for working the glutes isn't only a lack of pain. Athletes with strong glutes tend to be faster, more explosive, and more efficient. They can do more with better form, adding more lean-body mass and burning more fat along the way. Plus, the exercises that develop strong glutes, such as kettlebell swings, squats, and deadlifts, all have tremendous carryover into daily activities and other training.

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David Stone