Intense bursts of exercise torch fat

Janice weaves a 20-pound kettlebell through her legs during a Figure 8’s drill.

Janice weaves a 20-pound kettlebell through her legs during a Figure 8’s drill.


Good-bye long treadmill sessions!

Workouts at Choices Fitness Studio focus on short, intense exercises that put you in a fat-burning mode.

The reason why short intense workouts have proven to be more effective at fat burning is not because of the amount of calories they burn during the workout but the amount they burn afterward.

Short intense workouts disturb your homeostasis (body's natural balance), and in turn your body has to work super hard for up to 24 hours after your workout to restore balance again.

Restoring balance or homeostasis takes lots of energy from fat and carbs.

If you want to burn more fat, forget about slow steady cardio and counting calories during your workouts. You need to develop more muscle tone to increase your metabolic rate and increase the after-burn effect following your workouts.

Yes, at Choices we use cardio equipment like our AirRunner non-motorized treadmill, Octane fan bike and SkiERG cross-country ski simulator. But rather than long, drawn-out cardio sessions, we focus on short, intense sprints and interval loops. 

At Choices, we add strength training, rounds of boxing fitness and, of course, our popular four-minute fat-torching kettlebell drills.

These quick kettlebell mini-circuits activate and tone more than 600 muscles, keep your heart-rate up, increase your metabolic rate and burn more fat while at rest. Long drawn-out workouts are not good for the hormonal system and are usually not sustainable over time. 

The best way to increase your metabolism is to build and add muscle tone to your body. The more muscle mass you have the more energy it uses to survive.

Workouts at Choices Fitness Studio — particularly the kettlebell mini-circuits — use the human body’s six essential movement patterns: the hip hinge, the squat, the lunge, the push, the pull and core activation. 

Basically, all human movements can be put in one or more of these categories. For example, climbing stairs goes into the lunge category, and getting up and down from a chair is a squat. Picking a box off the floor is a hip hinge. Strengthening these movements help people in everyday life, especially as they age.

And, each movement activates 100’s of muscles at the same time. The more muscles you use the more calories you burn and the quicker you add tone and definition to your body.

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David Stone